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Wedding Weekend Celebration
Aug 17-19, 2023
August 17, 2023
Wedding Celebration


6:00 pm

Chuppah Ceremony

7:00 pm

Dinner & Dancing to Follow




Festive Cocktail Attire

Shuttles will be provided from the Orient Hotel

at 5:45 pm promptly!

August 18, 2023
Candle Lighting

Level -2

6:40 PM

Shabbat Dinner

Hotel Courtyard

Level -2

8:30 PM



Shabbat Cocktail Attire

August 19, 2023
Kiddush & Shabbat Lunch

Mamilla Rooftop

1:00 PM



Smart Shabbat Attire

Seuda Shlishit

Allenby Hall 1

Level -4

6:00 PM




Hotel Foyer

Level -4

7:57 PM



Burger Bash

Harvey's Smokehouse

8:45 PM



Shuttles will be provided from the Orient Hotel

at 8:30 pm promptly!

Recommended Synagogues

1. Orient Hotel

Located on at the Level -4.  
The reception desk has information available on Fridays for guests with starting times for all services in the hotel’s synagogue.

2. Sofer family home

Located at 10 Emek Refaim Street at the corner of Cremieux,

in a lovely shaded garden 
Friday: Mincha starts at 15 minutes before Shkia
Saturday : Shacharit 9:00 AM 
The minyan has available Siddurim in Nusach Ashkenaz,

Sefard, and in English.

3. Shir Chadash

Located at 45 Emek Refaim on the left hand side, just after Azarya St 
Friday: Mincha services followed by Kabbalat Shabbat on Friday

around 18 minutes after Jerusalem candle lighting time; 
Saturday: Schacharit 9:15 AM.

4. Emek Learning Center

Located at 64 Emek Refaim, second floor

Friday : Mincha 18 minutes after Jerusalem candle lighting time; 
Saturday : Shiur on the Parsha at 8:00 AM and Shacharit at 8:45 AM.


Guided Tours Options in Jerusalem

August 17 + 18, 2023

Tour 1 - Yemin Moshe & Mishkenot Sha’ananim

Walking tour to the Montefiore Windmill to discover the first neighbourhood built outside the city’s walls.

Visit Yemin Moshe: delve into the fascinating history of this trendy area, constructed over a century ago by German Protestants and Greek Orthodox communities. Marvel at the architectural legacies they left behind, characterized by a blend of Ottoman, Templar, and later Bauhaus styles.

Explore the German Colony of Jerusalem: Take a leisurely stroll through the enchanting German Colony, which was established by the German Templars in the late 1800s. Discover the captivating stories behind its unique buildings, each of which has contributed to the rich tapestry of Jerusalem's history and folklore.

​​ Thursday depart hotel at 9:00 am

Friday depart hotel at 9:30 am

Duration: 3 hours


Tour 2 - The Old City of Jerusalem

Begin your journey at Jaffa Gate, where a guided visit will lead you along the rooftops of the Old City. Get a glimpse of the diverse tapestry of ethnicities that make up the city. Continue your exploration through the Jewish Quarter, wandering through the ancient Cardo and Hurva Square. Visit the Davidson Archaeological Park, followed by a visit to the Western Wall, where you can find a moment for personal reflection and meditation.

Conclude the tour at the Christian Jerusalem: Join a guided visit through the Christian Quarter, tracing a portion of the sacred Via Dolorosa and reaching the iconic Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Thursday depart hotel at 9:00 am

Friday depart hotel at 9:30 am

Duration: 4 hours


Tour 3 - Machane Yehudah Tasting Tour

Experience the vibrant Machane Yehudah Open Air Market: witness the vibrant atmosphere of the Machane Yehudah Market as Jerusalemites prepare for Shabbat with a tasting tour at the Market with a guide as you explore the surrounding neighbourhoods of Jerusalem, observing the city as it buzzes with anticipation for the upcoming Sabbath.

Thursday depart hotel at 9:00 am

Friday depart hotel at 9:30 am

Duration: 4 hours


Tour 4 - Mount of Olives

Overlooking the Old City, named for the olive groves that once covered its slopes. The southern part of the mount was the Silwan necropolis, attributed to the elite of the ancient Kingdom of Judah. Several key events in the life of Jesus, as related in the Gospels, took place on the Mount of Olives and in the Acts of the Apostles.

Descend to Mosque of Ascension - The place from which Jesus ascended to Heaven. Continue to Garden of Gethsemane – also known as the Basilica of Agony, where Jesus endured his agony before his arrest, in the Garden of Gethsemane, on Mount of Olives.

Walk to Via Dolorosa - is a processional route in the Old City of Jerusalem. It represents the path Jesus would have taken, forced by the Roman soldiers, on the way to his crucifixion. Today, it is marked by fourteen Stations of the Cross, nine outside, in the streets, with the remaining five stations inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Visit The Church of the Holy Sepulcher is in the Christian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. According to traditions dating back to the 4th century, it contains two holy sites in Christianity: the site where Jesus was crucified, at a place known as Calvary or Golgotha, and Jesus's empty tomb, which is where he was buried and resurrected.

The Jewish Quarter is one of the four traditional quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem. It lies in the southwestern sector of the walled city, stretches from the Zion Gate in the south, along the Armenian Quarter on the west, up to the Street of the Chain in the North, and extends to the Western Wall and the Temple Mount in the east.

Cardo – Cardo Maximus, or simply the Cardo, was the main North-South "Boulevard" of Aelia Capetalina, the Roman and Byzantine city established in the 2nd century AD. It was a monumental royal road typical of the grand Roman cities. It is emphasized in the Madaba map, showing that it played a significant role in the urban design of the Byzantine city.

Thursday depart hotel at 9:00 am

Friday depart hotel at 9:30 am

Duration: 4-5 hours

Saturday, August 19, 2023

Tour 5 - Christian Tour – Sea of Galilee

Depart hotel at 8:00 am

Arrive to lake Kinneret.

 Begin the day with the Mount of Beatitudes that has an excellent view of the Sea of Galilee with its shimmering blue lake. It was at this site that Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount, when he saw the crowds, he went up on a mountainside and sat down. His disciples came to him and he began to teach them saying “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed is the meek for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God” (Matt 5:1-).

Continue to Tabgha site where Jesus fed the multitude with just 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread. See the beautiful mosaic floor in the church.

Board a boat for a ride on the Kinneret, Sea of Galilei, and arrive to the beach for lunch.

Proceed to Capernaum where most of the ministries of Jesus took place and see the remains of a basalt synagogue.

Conclude the day at Yardenit Baptismal site where you will have a chance to be baptized in the Jordan River.

Return to Jerusalem - estimate arrival at 6:00 pm

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Tour 6 - Past & Future Tel-Aviv-Yafo

Depart hotel at 8:45 am

Arrive at the Israeli Peres Innovation Center, a leading organization focused on developing and implementing unique and cutting-edge programs.

Make your way to the Flea Market at Yafo, have lunch at the famous Dr. Shakshuka Restaurant and have time on-own at the market.

Continue for a walking-tour at Neve Tzedek, the first neighborhood that was established outside the walls of the ancient Jaffa port city. Make your way to Rothchild Boulevard that was paved at the beginning of Tel Aviv's history.

Depart back to Jerusalem at 4:30 pm


Tour 7 - Ella Valley & Jerusalem’s Surroundings

Depart hotel at 8:45 am.

Make your way to the Fauda Base Experience, located in Mini-Israel Park, which provides a glimpse into the covert world of the elite Israeli Intelligence and Special Forces and presents a rare opportunity to experience what it might be like to be a part of these prestigious units.

Continue to Ella Valley, the place described on the Bible where the battle between David and Goliath took place. It is home to some archaeological sites like Azekah and Socho. The valley is also known as the Israeli “Napa Valley” where you will have light dairy lunch and wine-tastings.

Depart to Khan Sha’ar HaGai National Heritage Park, AKA Bab El-Wad, the national memorial site. In the heritage center you’ll meet the fighters who broke through the road to Jerusalem. Hear testimonies and feel as if you are traveling in an armored vehicle and you will watch presentation that describes the high price the generation of 1948 paid in their struggle to keep the lifeline to Jerusalem open.

Depart back to Jerusalem at 4:30 pm

Arriving approximately at 5:30 pm

Prayer at the Western Wall_edited_edited.jpg


No upcoming events at the moment


In lieu of gifts

we would prefer guests donate

to one or more of the organizations below

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Humane Society_edited.jpg


Complimentary Accommodation has been arranged for our guests at

the Orient Hotel

for the duration of the festivities.

Please contact our local travel agent for reservation:

Inbar Danziger

Tour operator IGT Israel & global travel

Tel +972-2-6577248

Mobile: +972-52-5231442


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